Lease End FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions On Lease Ending at Mercedes-Benz of Danbury In Danbury Connecticut

Why Should I Lease A Mercedes-Benz With Danbury Mercedes-Benz?

If you love driving the latest innovative luxury vehicle models and experiencing phenomenal comfort and safety on the Connecticut roads and highways, you'll surely have the opportunity for lower monthly payments as well as the option to lease next year's new model of your choice. When you lease with Mercedes-Benz of Danbury we get straight to the point, eliminate the hassle and pressure and drop the inflated price. Our flexible payment plans are attractive to drivers who want the best for less money, and our finance center makes leasing a new Mercedes-Benz in Danbury a breeze!

Your Mercedes-Benz Lease Is About To Reach Maturity, What Are Your Options?

For Danbury and Newtown Mercedes-Benz drivers who are nearing the end of their lease term, there are a variety of options available for those drivers who are undecided on which route to take. The availabilities at our Mercedes-Benz dealership are all relative to your driving style and connection to the vehicle, and if you're curious on what steps to take next as your lease maturity approaches, here are some directions to consider when returning to our dealership.

What Options Do I Have After Lease Termination?

There are a variety of routes to take when your lease has ended and you can either:

  • Turn your vehicle in and lease the newest Mercedes-Benz arrival.
  • Extend your lease and continue driving the same vehicle.
  • Pay off your previously leased vehicle and own it for the years to come.

If you're curious of the purchase price before or at lease maturity, you can visit the account information section on or call the 24-hour automated Payoff Quote and Account Information line at 1.800.654.6222. You can also contact one of our sales experts to go over the details on how to purchase your leased Mercedes-Benz.

End of Lease Frequently Asked Questions

There are an abundance of questions that come with turning in your leased Mercedes-Benz and below are some common questions from drivers in Danbury, Brookfield, New Milford, and Bethe, CT areas.

What Are Some Out of Pocket Expenses I May Have To Pay?

Depending on the condition of your leased Mercedes-Benz, you can conduct a three-point visual inspection by following the First Class Lease-End Guide that is sent to your residence 90 days before the lease maturity date. Here are some preliminary features and checks to look out for upon returning your vehicle to our dealership.

  • Is there any interior or exterior damages larger than a credit card?

The credit card test sizes up any damages, and if the damage is hidden by the size of a credit card, you will not be responsible for the additional charge for damage.

  • Are all your tires and wheels the same size and free from nails, cuts, exposed cords or sidewall plugs?

You may be charged if a non-OEM or unmatching wheel has been replaced.

  • Are any mirrors, windows, or glass components of the vehicle cracked or broken?

Any chips, cracks or holes in the glass of your vehicle may require additional repair fees.

  • Has the maintenance and routine service dates been met along with a stamped service book or a copy of any repair orders?

Having these records are key for returning your vehicle.

  • Are there any missing or broken parts? Have you made aftermarket modifications not authorized or installed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer?

We don't recommend any non-factory installed parts and accessories for your leased vehicle, but if you have customized it to your liking, you may have to pay additional fees unless you purchase your vehicle.

  • Will I have to pay extra if I go over the agreed mileage?

It depends on the lease agreement, but if you are under the agreed mileage, you shouldn't have to worry.

After our certified technicians run it through a scheduled inspection, we will go over all the details of your lease end fees and options available to you. We wish to make the process timely and convenient for our customers, and we work diligently to provide you with the customer service that you deserve from a reliable luxury car dealer.

Have More Lease End Questions?

Our team is here to serve all drivers visiting from Brookfield or local to Danbury with all their leasing questions! Contact our team directly at (203) 778.6333 or feel free to call a Mercedes-Benz Financial Program Advisor at (800) 873.5471. We look forward to seeing you back in our showroom!