Options Available After Lease At Mercedes-Benz of Danbury

Is your vehicle's lease ending in the near future? Then it might be time to start thinking about what your options moving forward will be. Here at Mercedes-Benz of Danbury, leasing is made easy. We have a wide range of lease-end options available to all of our leasing customers and we want to help you choose which is the best option for you! The best part? When you return your lease to us you'll be rewarded! Want to know how you can get a $150 American Express Gift Card? Keep reading to find out!

Purchase At The End of Lease

Did you love your Mercedes-Benz lease? Lucky for you, you don't have to say goodbye to it! In fact, you can purchase your Mercedes-Benz lease at any point. All you have to do is give our Sales Concierge a call at (203) 778-6333, or stop into our store Monday-Saturday!

Return The Old Drive Off In The New

Maybe you're thinking about upgrading your Mercedes-Benz for the newest model. We totally understand Mercedes-Benz products get better over time with new and improved advanced safety features, seamless connection thanks to innovative technology, upgraded power and performance, and new sleek and luxurious designs. It's simple, new is better. Here at Mercedes-Benz of Danbury, we would be happy to help you get behind the wheel of your vehicle's current model year or even help you switch it up for a new Mercedes-Benz model.

Mercedes-Benz of Danbury Lease Return Process

Just looking to return? No matter what the reason is, Mercedes-Benz of Danbury would be happy to accept your lease-end return. About 15-60 days before your lease ends, you will be contacted to bring your Mercedes-Benz lease in for a required, complimentary inspection. Once completed, just contact our store and schedule an appointment to return your vehicle.

Be Rewarded For Returning Your Lease

When returning your Mercedes-Benz lease, you don't have to return your vehicle to Mercedes-Benz of Danbury, however, we have a certified Mercedes-Benz service team who turns your old lease into a like-new Mercedes-Benz vehicle, so that future customers can one day enjoy it as much as you did. Due to our success in pre-owned sales, we need more off-lease vehicles, and that's where we need your help! We understand that returning to our store isn't always ideal for some customers, however, we want to let you know when you return your Mercedes-Benz lease with us, you'll be rewarded!

We pride ourselves on providing a pressure-free environment, so we would never haggle you to trade-in with us. In fact, we want to do the opposite. We want to reward you for choosing us! So, if you don't have time to bring your lease in or you live farther away and can't make the drive, we are offering complimentary vehicle pick-ups at home or at the office. But that's not all! When you return your Mercedes-Benz lease with us, you will receive a $150 American Express Gift Card, on us, as a thank you for leasing with us and returning to our store!

Experience The Difference When You Do Business With Mercedes-Benz of Danbury

At Mercedes-Benz of Danbury, our goal is to help make your trade-in process as simple as possible. So, if you want to avoid the haggling, the pressure, and the stress that you'll experience at other dealerships, explore your lease-end options here at Mercedes-Benz of Danbury and experience the difference of leasing with us, today!